Como Carpentries me ayudó a diseñar una lección online para 300 estudiantes | How The Carpentries helped me design an online lesson for 300 students

By Yanina Bellini Saibene in Lightning Talk Español English Teaching

July 31, 2022


July 31, 2022


12:00 AM


Online (Global)


The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange invited me to give one of the classes of its Educational Program on Agricultural Estimates and New Technologies that it carries out with NASA Harvest involving secondary agricultural schools in Argentina. My class was one of the last in the program’s schedule and was a single two-hour meeting. The platform has a campus for asynchronous interaction and makes the materials available and Zoom for the synchronous session.

The objectives of my lesson are to explain concepts related to new information and communication technologies applied to agriculture, focusing on the use of remote sensors for agricultural estimations. Before my class, the students saw what agricultural estimates are and how we can use satellite images to make them.

So far, this class looks similar to other online courses where I am a guest. But now comes the exciting part of this case: the number of students is 300. The student’s teachers attend the class too. The other detail is that they can connect one to one (one device, one student) and one too many. I will share how the teaching tools that Carpentries used to teach helped me to design an interactive class where active learning and teaching happened with a predominantly theoretical topic and three hundred people participating. Finally, I will mention my tools and provide templates for the material and student feedback.

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July 31, 2022
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