DSxD Anthology Vol. 2. Our Environment. A collection of work by data designers, artists, and scientists

By Yanina Bellini Saibene

June 27, 2023

Book Cover with illustration of rich tapestry of plants and animals. Fish, Lemur, colorful birds are all intertwined.  Bordering the image is an x and y axis as often seen in a graphs, with the body of a snake through the center reminiscent of a line in a line graph. Interspersed within the animals and plants are other other symbols commonly used in data visualizations and a women off center typing.

Natalia Morandeira and I wrote a chapter for the new Data Science by Design book. Our section is called Multilingual Data Science. Ten Tips to Translate Science and Tech Content, and we share lessons learned in translating and localizing material to Spanish.

Writing this chapter allowed us to realize an idea we had when we finished localizing the Teaching Tech Together book. We wanted to share in an orderly and clear way our experience, processes and tools that we thought might be useful to other people and communities.

When the project lead of Data Science by Design let us know they will try to translate all the other chapters inspired by our work, it was the best outcome than a writing piece can have.

And for me, personally, having a chapter of a book written with a friend is the icing on the cake.

The chapter is open access in the book webpage and you can also buy the book.

Feedback is always welcome!

La versión es español también está diponible en el sitio web.

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June 27, 2023
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