I am always happy to talk. This is a list of my talks, interviews, and webinars (with resources when available).

Written by Yanina Bellini Saibene


Reproducible Open Science by and for All

Over the last decade, rOpenSci has been a unique and impactful force in bringing rigor, integrity, reproducibility, openness, and diversity to scientific computing. We lead a set of interrelated activities around capacity building, community development, and research software development practices to transform science through open data, software & reproducibility. We will share examples of the metrics and tools we use in our main projects (Software Stats Peer Review, R-Universe, Champions Program, Multilingual Publishing, and Users and Maintainers Community) to register and understand their impact on four levels (individual, host institution/local community, rOpenSci, and the Open Science Community in general).

How to contribute to open projects and communities

Yanina led a discussion on community and open source projects, focusing on participation, contribution, and the concept of the ‘pathway to inclusion’ and CSCCE Community particiption model. She presented various models of community participation and outlined strategies for promoting and sharing open-source software packages. The team also discussed the importance of clear communication, a code of conduct, contribution guideles and the use of issue templates and issues labels on Github to streamline the management of issues related to a package.