How To Use Videos In Your Classes

By Yanina Bellini Saibene

August 25, 2023

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Prompted by a question about how to use videos in your classes, a pot about how I have used it:

  1. Use case analysis: after explain new concepts I split students into small groups for an exercise where they have to watch a video together and answer questions that lead the discussion (in a shared doc per group). Then they go back to the common room and I ask each group to share their answer to different questions. We all discuss together. I may repeat this several times.

  2. Summarize a lesson: The last part of the lesson, the whole class watches a video together, I stop the video at certain parts so that we can reflect on what we saw. I have questions or comments prepared to guide the discussion and tie in what we learn in class with what we are watching in the video.

  3. To practice a skill: when we teach how to use a rubric, we make you watch a video and you should use the rubric to give feedback or evaluate what you saw.

I used this for short workshops on informal and formal settings, for log-semester university courses and for invited 2-4 hours classes. I used this tools also for evaluation: as formative assessment and as part of summative assessment.

For online classess here is an example in English to watch a video of a person applying the GROW model in a meeting with another person that comes for help.

This is another example (in Spanish). The students have to watch a series of 3 videos that last 2 minutes, discuss and answer a seirries of question about Data Science.

Some resources on how to create videos for our classes:

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August 25, 2023
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