From Excel to R

Do you wonder why even use #rstats when there is #microsoftexcel?. In this talk I show the benefits and differences between the two

Metadocencia. Nurturing educators in Spanish-speaking research communities

Last Year Paola Corrales and Yanina Bellini Saibene members from the MetaDocencia community offered the workshop From Spreadsheet to R at the Research Software Camp - Beyond the Spreadsheet. Later today (17 May 2022, they’re teaching the same workshop but in Spanish (Desde las Hojas de Cálculo a R) at the Research Software Camp - Next Steps in Coding, for the benefit of Spanish-speaking research communities. In this blog post, they tell us more about MetaDocencia.

Building RSE Communities Worldwide

I was a guest panelist at “Building RSE Communities Worldwide” showing some numbers about Latin America and Argentina related to Research Software Engineers

Panel discussion: Do we have the right tools for research?

The discussion panel “Do we have the right tools for research?” took place online on Friday 5th November 2021, from 2 to 3pm GMT, as part of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet, organised by the Software Sustainability Institute.

SisINTAR Package

The SISINTAR package allows downloading, reading and manipulating soil profile data from INTA’s soil information system, called SisINTA


GeoINTA es la infraestructura de datos espaciales del INTA | INTA Spatial Data Infrastructure