List of events in which I participated this year

By Yanina Bellini Saibene in English Community

December 30, 2021

collage of some of the events flyers

Reviewing what I did during 2021 I put together this list with the 53 events in which I participated as a speaker or organizer.

January : +1

  • My talk on education at RStudio::global was the first talk in a language other than English. I generated this web page to accompany it.

February: +5

March: +8

April: +12

May: +17

June: +24

July: +31

  • I was the global coordinator of the best conference I have ever been part of: useR! 2021. The organization thought about the inclusion, accessibility and diversity aspects from the beginning of the conference and although we have a lot to improve we were able to show that there are many things that can be done with planning and hard work.

  • I taught 3 courses on the use of Zoom in conferences for the people who fulfilled the role of Zoom host for useR! 2021. I taught in English for the first time.

  • Taught MetaDocencia’s Introduction to online teaching essentials course.

  • I taught a MasterClass on Digital Agriculture at the FieldView Digital Week.

  • Co-organized the series R User Meetings at INTA for researchers and extensionists related to agriculture.

August: +33

September: +38

October: +44

November: +51

December: +53

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December 30, 2021
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