Happy Father's Day

By Yanina Bellini Saibene in English

June 20, 2021

Today we celebrated Father’s Day. Some things that my dad did for me:

  • He was always part of all the cooperators and commissions of the schools and clubs where we attended with my sister. He was the one who convinced my elementary school cooperator to work harder and be able to fix the piano and buy the computer (the school was planning to do one thing or the other). That computer was the first I saw when I was six years old and it marked my life forever.

  • From my 9 to my 14 years old he borrowed the car from his clients (he is a mecanic) to take me 80 km every Saturday morning to learn how to code.

  • When I was 15 years old, he bought me my first personal computer, so I could start teaching informatic classes (this was a huge demonstration of confidence in my abilities).

  • My last year of high school, he lived in another city as an employee (he hates being an employee) so that when I finished the school, the whole family would move to that city, and I could go to university (we didn’t have enough money to send me to study).

He did many more things for me, but with this actions, he showed me with words and acts that education is essential to improve our lives, because, as he usually says, “study is the only inheritance that we are going to be able to leave you."

I look a lot like my dad (not only physically).

I inherited from him pride for a job well done, a big heart, open and unconditionally offered, stubbornness and a complicated character, especially when we have to lose.

Happy day Dad, How lucky to be your daughter.

Happy day to all fathers.

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June 20, 2021
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