By Yanina Bellini Saibene

May 31, 2022

Today is my last day at MetaDocencia.

Today marks the end of one of the most wonderful cycles of which I have been part.

What’s next, I hope to tell you soon, but now it’s time to review the road traveled (and enjoy it again):

💜 I was co-founder and part of the MetaDocencia’s Core Team for two years.

🤓 Of the six courses we offer I co-designed and co-taught five.

🍎 Of the 112 editions of the courses and book club I taught in 56, this mean I taught in 50% of all the traininigs and events organize by MetaDocencia.

🌎 I taught 884 people from 19 countries that teach to 15796 students.

🤗 Organized events with 14 friend communities.

💬 Participated in 12 conferences featuring MetaDocencia.

✍️ I wrote 30 of the 46 blog posts on our website (five bilingual) and encouraged four more to be written.

😎 I made the 1st version of our website and our impact report.

📌 I organized the collaborative building of our mission and vision.

💻 I developed an R package with our templates.

🍏 I proposed the apple as the logo and led the redesign of our visual identity.

📒 I led the translation of our materials into Portuguese.

📺 I was in charge of the communication and accessibility teams.

📦 I made the first version of MetaDocencia in a box.

📘 I led the translation of Teaching Tech Together.

🎓I helped 28 people get certified as The Carpentries Instructors.

As always, the best part of any trip are the people I shared the road with:

My eternal thanks to:

  • Paola Corrales and Elio Campitelli with whom we co-founded MetaDocencia and directed its destinies for almost two years. 🙌🙏

  • the accessibility team, with whom I worked side by side, Ivan Poggio, Mariela Rajngewerc and Patricia Loto, for the genuine work to include as many people as possible.

  • the people who were part of the communication team when I was responsible for it: Romina Pendino, Andrea Gomez Vargas, Roxana Noelia Villafañe, Ailin Mandola, Alejandra Wrobel, Alejandra Bellini, Lucio Casalla and Francisco Etchart.

  • the Portuguese translation team Beatriz Milz, Maxwell Oliveira and Claudiano Neto.

  • the reporting team Violeta Roizman and Amit Kohli, who used my first version of the report, to improve it and amaze us every year with all that we had done as volunteers.

  • the beautiful group with whom we designed and taught courses: Paola Corrales, Mariela Rajngewerc, Violeta Roizman, Patricia Loto, Nicolás Palopoli, Romina Pendino, Elio Campitelli, and Irene Vazano.

  • those who made the bookclub possible: Jesica Formoso, Mónica Alonso, Elio Campitelli, Paola Corrales, Alejandra Bellini, and Ernesto Mirt.

  • the advisory team for their guidance, advice and help: Kate Hertweck, Raniere Silva, Mine Dogucu, Mortara Sara, Malvika Sharan, Thema White, and Brianna Morrison.

  • Greg Wilson for being a true ally.

  • the friends communities: R-Ladies, The Carpentries, The Software Sustainability Institute, The Turing Way, Women in Bioinformatic & Data Science LA, Las de Sistemas, LatinR, useR! R Forwards, Sadio, Red Inta Joven and RStudio.

  • our sponsors: R-Ladies, INTA, CZI, Code for Science and Society, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and Open Bioinformatics Foundation.

… and to the 2000+ people who passed through MetaDocencia.🍏🍎

You all enriched my life. Thank you, Gracias, Obrigada, for teaching me so much. 🙌

I hope that life will give us the opportunity to cross paths again. 🙏

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May 31, 2022
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