Did you realize that we live in a reality where SciHub is illegal, and OpenAI is not?

By Yanina Bellini Saibene in English Open Data Open Science Artificial Inteligence 100DaysToOffload

January 9, 2024

SCI-HUB and OpenAI logos

I was reading about the different lawsuits that OpenAI and Microsoft are receiving because of how they create their LMM models; the declaration of the OpenAI people about using copyrighted material without permission or payment and how they are treated, and Sci-Hub came to my mind immediately. So, I posted this on Mastodon:

I wasn’t expecting a simple idea to go viral on Mastodon (or any of my ideas for being honest), but it happen.

Many opinion comes, some people try to explain me copyright laws, fair use, capitalism, research and education with IA. Some people explain why both should be illegal and why both should be legal.

Some people remember Aaron Swartz and how he was treated because of trying to open and share knowledge.

Some people asked what is SCI-HUB funded by Alexandra Elbakyan and what is OpenAI.

I still want to live in a reality where we don’t need Sci-Hub because all scientific knowledge is open and accessible to all. I also want to live in the reality where we don’t allow billonaire to exist, because it is neither ethical nor moral for so few people to concentrate so many resources and power.

But I have to live in this reality, which means I must work hard to change it. :-)

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January 9, 2024
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English Open Data Open Science Artificial Inteligence 100DaysToOffload
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