Day 6. The Best Way To Get Started Learning About Teaching to Code

By Yanina Bellini Saibene in Education Community 100DaysToOffload 30Ship30

May 11, 2024

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I love learning about how to teach other people to code.

Yes, teaching is a skill that you can learn!

Unfortunately, when I first got interested, I had a hard time figuring out where to start for a variety of reasons, from restricted access to the material to very specialized language suitable only for experts to not knowing enough to know what and where to look.

So, if you are trying to learn more about how to teach programming, here’s the best way to get started:

  • Read This Book: How Learning Works by Ambrose, Bridges, Dipietro, Lovett and Norman, will give you a lay of the land, and is a helpful way to get your bearings for teaching any topic.

  • Watch This YouTube VideoHow to teach programming (and other things) by Felienne Hermans is a must-watch beginner resource for anyone interested in education.

  • Listen To This Podcast Episode: And if you really want to start going down the rabbit hole, listen to 462: Spontaneously High Performing by with Marian Petre by Christopher White and Elecia White.

These 3 resources will give you a lot of insight and accelerate your learning process.

What about you? What are your favorite resources?

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May 11, 2024
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Education Community 100DaysToOffload 30Ship30
Education Community 100DaysToOffload 30Ship30
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