Three currencies of payment for our work

Any activity we perform pays us in different currencies. As managers and leaders we must take care of that balance in the three currencies of payments. Especially with volunteer work.

Eleven years

Eleven years of the absence of Ana, my daughter.

What have I been reading?

Since late 2021 I started reading in English to learn the language. Here is the list of book I have been reading.

Why do I teach?

I have been teaching since I was 15 years old. It is my favorite thing in the world. On university teachers' day in Argentina, some reflections on why I teach.

In pursuit of a VISA

It took me eight months, $950, and 200 hours of work to obtain a VISA from Argentina to the United States. I missed three events in 2022, losing opportunities and affecting my mood and motivation. VISA processes are very different for each person, but there is a correlation between the difficulty level and your origin, strongly penalizing people from the global south.We must take into account these differences to design and change how we organize events, conferences, and team activities. It is essential to ensure participation.

A beautiful lesson

What is the best way to share a lesson so that others can use it, adapt it, understand it?

rOpenSci Champions Program Kick off

The Champions Program got off to a great start in 2023! We’re happy to report on the first couple of months in our first run of the rOpenSci Champions Program. In September 2022, we launched the program, advertising for both mentors and mentees to apply. We received a total of 102 applications from 31 different countries. Seventy-four applications were for champions and twenty eight for mentors.

Little Scientists

Remembering my participation in the science fair when I was in secondary school.

Meeting the stars of the R-universe: R Community, Exchange and Learn

This is the first post of our interview series “Meeting the stars of the R-universe”. We aim to introduce the working groups and people behind the development of software and packages many of us use and which are available through the R-Universe. We want to highlight and explore different teams and projects around the world, the work they do, their processes and users. We begin our journey in Argentina with a team that uses R and develops R packages for the Argentinean State.

rOpenSci’s Communication Channels: Twitter

Twitter is one of the preferred social media platforms and networks for the R community and for the data, open science and research communities. Since the beginning of rOpenSci we have used Twitter to connect with our community and other parallel communities, to share what we do, and to be part of conversations around the topics important to our mission. We aim to provide a safe and friendly space for everyone in our community, and this influences how we choose which spaces we use to interact with our community members.

A map of my readers

Generating content is time-consuming and making it bilingual takes even more time. So with the intention of using my time in the best possible way, I started asking myself if the effort of writing in Spanish and English is something that is useful to other people, besides me. Website statistics So the first thing that came to my mind is to start getting statistics on where people visit my site and what content they consume the most.

Announcing the rOpenSci Champions Program!

Entrada en español We are thrilled to launch our Champions Program pilot! Why a Champions Program? Champion programs are designed to identify, recognize, and reward passionate community members. At rOpenSci, we recognize that there is a dismaying lack of diversity in the ecosystem of research software and open source communities. The R Community is no exception; its developers are overwhelmingly white, male, and from a handful of countries.

Introducing rOpenSci new Community Manager, Yanina Bellini Saibene

Hello! I am Yanina Bellini Saibene, your new community manager. I’m so excited to join rOpenSci in this role, and support such an important project in open science and in the R Community. When I saw the call for the position, I thought that my over 20 years of experience as a community builder, teacher, and researcher aligned perfectly with it. I believe in the power of open science at the service of people, that education is the best tool we have to improve lives, and that the most effective way to make changes is as part of a community.